INUKbags: Navigate Life

Life has no roadmap, but it does have waypoints. INUKbags help you navigate them.

Our Inspiration

INUKbags is named for the Inuksuk – an ancient arctic symbol, a man-made pile of stones, stacked in a human image.   In a land where there are no roads, an Inuksuk points the way. But it’s more than that. It marks the places to hunt and fish, locations where people come together, and the spirit runs strong.

The Inuksuk remains a symbol of friendship, hope, and safety. One that transcends language, borders, and time. One that helps us navigate life.   Today, where we gather, find understanding, and make choices – education, career, travel, friends and family – these are our waypoints. The ones that define who we are. Our existential Inuksuks.   At INUKbags, we don’t determine where you’re going. Our packs and bags just make it easier to get there.

How We Got Here

Inspired to create products to help people move more easily through their lives, an experienced, motivated team of backpack and travel bag professionals came together to create INUKbags. Inspired by the spirit of the Inuksuk, our unique packs and bags are made for people creating their own path as they navigate life.