INUK - A Beacon of Hope and Direction

An Inuksuk is an arctic symbol. It’s a pile of stones, shaped and stacked like an image of a person, functionally used as a directional marker.  But it also stands for safety, hope, and friendship, transcending borders to reach people all over the world. This remote reference and powerful spirit inspired a global team of backpack and bag professionals to join forces and start a new concept. We shortened our brand name from Inuksuk to INUK.

The INUK team hales from around the globe with decades of professional experience with deep roots in the bag industry.  What binds us is a deep appreciation for diverse cultures that we’ve experienced in our global adventures. Each culture is very unique but at the same time has so much in common.

INUK bags are not only world-class designed, engineered, and manufactured, but they carry a message.  Our products are rooted in appreciation for the simpler aspects of life, often lost in our complex and fast paced urban lifestyle.

It is our intention to incorporate a diversity of cultural visual design, create support programs for native people around the world, and provide backpacks and bags that function impeccably for the carry culture lifestyle of our urban customers yet not cost an arm and a leg.

Our new 2020 INUK Bag collection includes cultural graphic elements which communicate the spirit that inspires us, as well as bags that can be color personalized for individual expression.  We trust that you will be able to see, feel and share our global message of hope, safety, and friendship.

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