Primary Collection - Sparwood Backpack-Ocean Blue


Simplicity meets contemporary fashion with the Sparwood Backpack Ocean Blue and you’re sure to enjoy the look. Aside from its comforting blue hue and uniquely placed pockets, the Sparwood Backpack actually makes walking to school or work fun. Knowing your valuables are securely tucked away and the comfort of padded straps on your shoulders, this backpack gets you ready for a productive day ahead. It’s crafted with a premier polyester material that’s resilient enough to last you years of use with minimal damage to show for it!

  • Material:Polyester               
  • Lining    :Polyester                           
  • Size: 440*280*145mm
  • N.W./Capacity:0.57KG/18L
  • Made with a premium quality polyester material that’s ultra-durable
  • Store your laptop in the main compartment area comfortably
  • Enjoy using the 2 side pockets for water bottles, umbrellas, and power banks
  • Comes in a stunning navy blue hue for a more contemporary finish

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